The Mixer Plus. Also known as The Salsa Maker.

A hand operated, non-electric food processor.

Originally developed for camping use, and for owners of MOTOR HOMES, RV's and BOATS, now widely used in the home as an appliance that will chop all your vegetables, fruits and nuts, makes the best darn salsa that you have ever tasted (our
recipe of course). Whip fresh whipping cream and egg whites, blend and whip your favorite powdered drink mixes, hot or cold, mash your potatoes, scramble your eggs. All done without electricity.

This machine is the newest version of the original, as seen on T.V. Quick Chopper and Kitchen QWIK Machine. The Mixer Plus has a 6 cup container with 3 double edge surgical stainless steel cutting blades that will never get dull, guaranteed, a set of stainless steel beater blades and a whipping/blending blade. This machine comes with a full money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with its performance just return it for a full refund.

"Now you can buy the Mixer Plus with The Edge 2001®, the Sharpest Knife you will ever own!"

Red Top (Mixer Plus) Salsamaker and Edge 2001 Knife ONLY $29.95 plus S/H


Red Top (Mixer Plus) Salsamaker ONLY $24.95 plus S/H